Kindergarten Information

This following is intended to be a resource for SMNS families looking ahead to Kindergarten for their child(ren). There are many options for Kindergarten and grade school. Not all of the options are listed on this page; however, we do aspire to make this page as informative and useful as possible. Please let us know if there are materials we should add to this page.

Kindergarten Registration historically starts in January of the school year your child will enter Kindergarten. You may register only at your catchment school beginning on the announced date. To determine your household catchment, use the Philadelphia School District School Finder.

Please note that enrollment procedures may vary from school to school. The following are district wide policies and procedures; however, each school may have its own policies in place. Websites for public schools in our community are listed below the following district wide information.

Q. When do I register my child for Kindergarten?

A. The 2019 Kindergarten Registration process opens January 22, 2019 and closes May 31, 2019. However, charter schools and some local public schools hold lotteries, and may have early deadlines. For example, Penn Alexander’s deadline for 2019 is in February.

Q. Where do I register my child for Kindergarten?

A. At your neighborhood catchment school. See above to find your catchment school.

Q. What do I need to register my child for Kindergarten?

A. Kindergarten Registration Policies for the Philadelphia School District.

Q. How do I apply to a school outside my catchment?

A. Go through the School Selection Process. Please note, not all schools accept registration outside of the local catchment. For the 2019 school year applications can be submitted from September 21st, 2018 through November 2nd, 2018.

Local Public Schools

Sadie Alexander Penn Partnership School (PAS), located at 43rd and Locust

Henry Lea, located at 47th and Spruce

Samuel Powel, Located at 36th and Powelton

Albert Greenfield, Located at 22nd and Chestnut

Philadelphia Charter Schools

Charter schools enrollment is specific to each school. Admission is done by a lottery system and each school conducts its own lottery. Below, we have listed several charter schools that recent SMNS graduates have attended, or to which recent graduates have applied.

Russel Byers

Independence Charter School

Folk Arts Cultural Treasures

Wissahickon Charter School

String Theory Schools (formerly Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School)

Columbus Charter School

School district resources

Philadelphia School District Website
Philadelphia School District Calendar