SMNS uses the working title of “teacher” to refer to teaching staff in the classroom, though there are varying levels of education and experience across the teaching staff. The breakdown is as follows: aide, assistant group supervisor, group supervisor, and director.

Mamatha Naraparaju

Mamatha Naraparaju – Operations Manager

Suria Chen

Suria Chen-Business Manager

Rosa Brown- Program Manager

Fatime Diop- Younger Toddler Starling Classroom Teacher

Saalihah Halimi- Older Toddler Chickadee Classroom Teacher

Pallavi Naha- Older Toddler  Chickadee Classroom Teacher

Genevieve Abara- Bunnies Classroom Younger Mixed Age Coordinator

Sara Karlen- Pre-K Dragonflies Coordinator

Surabhi Chary

Surabhi Chary- Pre-K Dragonflies Classroom Teacher

Kai Farrell- After School Coordinator & Floater

Natasha Menn- Floater

Ruby Haili- Floater

Mithila Sultana- Floater

Sharmin Huq

Sharmin Huq- Floater