Acoustic Cloud

Designed by David Salamon

SMNS Classroom Section

The Sound Baffling System (Acoustic Cloud) designed by David Salamon to create a quieter classroom.
The SFOS 2012 raised the money to build this system with the help of our community and a generous donation of services from NextFab fabrication studio.

NextFab Studio Machine for making our new Acoustic Cloud.

CNC machine at NextFab

The Acoustic Cloud designed by David Salamon will be
assembled from pieces that are being cut by the
CNC machine at NextFab.
Learn more about NextFab Studio at

NextFab Studio Cuts

Cut Pieces at NextFab Studio

Pieces cut to date!
Parent Help will be needed to assemble these pieces once all are cut.

Scott McNallan volunteering on a Saturday.

Scott in the Attic

Scott McNallan in the attic space installing the support system for the new Acoustic Cloud

The internal workings.

Structure in the Attic

Structure that will support the new Acoustic Cloud.

Tim Siftar volunteering on a Saturday.

Tim Assembling Hardware

Tim Siftar assembling the hanging hardware.

Stay Tuned…